Soft Tissue Solutions


Treatment Modalities

Active Release Techniques — The Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment

ART Corporate Solutions — A Complete Soft Tissue Management System for Companies Striving to Reduce Injuries and Associated Costs

Fitness & Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation — Guide to Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Injuries by Dale J. Buchberger, PT, DC, CSCS, DACBSP, ART — High Performance Training, Personal Trainer, Online Sports Training by Eric Cressey

Functional Strength Training — Michigan-based Group Designing and Implementing Optimal Lifestyle Solutions — The World's Best Source of Performance Enhancement Information by Michael Boyle

Products & Services

TRX Suspension Training — Fast, Effective Total-body Workouts … Anywhere (affiliate link, click to shop)

Fastech Labs — Michigan Company Providing Innovative Custom Orthotics and Pre-Molded Footbeds