Soft Tissue Solutions


Dr. Slota is amazing! She is so knowledgable and caring about helping her patients. I went to Dr. Slota after I hurt my foot in late August; after countless months of appointments at another doctor, my mom luckily found Dr. Slota online and we went to her for help. After my first appointment, I went from a full walking cast that came up to me knee, crutches and an unbearable amount of pain, to being 80% better, where I had received needling and laser therapy. I went for several more appointments, but am now completely healed. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone for any muscle, tissue, or musculoskeletal issue that they are dealing with.

Samantha P.

I can't say enough good things about my treatment from Dr. Slota. When I limped in to see her two months ago, I was in great pain from my knee. I had seen doctors, had xrays and a cortisone shot. Nothing helped. After a few ART treatments and only one dry needle treatment, I am 99% pain free. I am not an athlete, but I just wanted to live my daily life pain free. Now I do.

Wendy L.

I have been CrossFitting for over 4 years and let's just say my tissues are very "ropey" and I have knots in many areas. I've spent many hours on a foam roller and it just wasn't doing the trick. I contacted Dr. Slota about Dry Needling. After one session of needling, my quad feels brand new. No more ropes or knots and I am squatting pain free! Can't wait to go back for more! Thank you Dr. Slota.

Matt Y.

I have used chiropractic adjustments for 37 years. As I have moved several times, I have found great variations in chiropractic techniques and talent. Dr. Karen Slota is in a class of her own, an elite practitioner that is committed to helping her patients regain strength and flexibility. She takes the time to completely understand the root cause of pain or restrictive movement before simply making an adjustment and collecting a fee. Dr. Karen is "people first." She continues to study and find new technologies to help her patients heal. She is committed to excellence in everything she does. She takes time to demonstrate and teach exercises for strengthening muscles and correcting poor postures to keep the patients from becoming dependent on her services.

Recently I had a neck strain that I thought was a re-injury to a rotator cuff and after following my surgeon's protocol for physical therapy with little relief, I decided to once again seek out relief from Dr. Karen. She understood that my trapezius muscle was tight and had trigger points that were causing the neck pain. She used the dry needling technique on my traps and within a few hours I had lasting relief. So I asked her about my knee that continues to swell that my knee doctor and rheumatologist couldn't find an explanation for, she dry needled my inner thigh and I haven't had swelling since. She is a blessing, a miracle worker. I wish I could take her with me when I move to Montana in the near future. I will truly miss her!

Karla M.

I'm a distinguished marathoner and an ultra-marathoner. I started seeing Dr. Slota after a fractured tibia that occurred after my 22nd marathon. While recovering from the fracture, the muscle tissue surrounding the area had seen significant scarring, creating issues during my recovery and continuing to create problems after my return to running. After my first experience with dry needling, I was in more pain than I'd ever felt before. As a runner who prides myself on my toughness, Dr. Slota showed me just how human I could feel. After 2 days' recovery, my legs felt relaxed for the first time since my injury. Muscles that felt like rocks were now as soft as warm butter, allowing me to resume my training plan. The 2 days of anguish were completely worth the pain-free running thereafter. Thank you Dr. Slota. You really are a magician, and you've given me my life back.

Andy K.

During the past 3 years, I have experienced tennis elbow in my right elbow. After several cortisone shots and countless hours of physical therapy, I was running out of options. That's when a friend of mine asked me to give Dr. Slota a try. I couldn't believe the results. After only 6 weeks of shockwave therapy, my elbow is pain-free. I am back to playing my favorite sport of golf and I can't thank Dr. Slota enough for all her help.

Andrew P.

I feel so good after my session yesterday that I wanted to send a quick note and tell you that I think Dr. Slota must be a miracle worker! For the first time in almost 3 months I was able to sleep on my left side! I woke up in shock, honestly I felt incredible and have continued to feel great all day long! I'm not one to send these kinds of emails, but I really am so grateful and wanted to let her know. I think I might even try flipping a few tractor tires - haha!

Ann B.

I had been suffering with the pain of Achilles tendon problems for months. The problem had reached the point of making even walking painful. So I was amazed when after a single appointment I had such a reduction in pain and increase in flexibility. After the first couple visits I even was able to start exercising again. It's rare to find such a comprehensive approach to the healing. I was especially impressed with how Dr. Slota is able to incorporate ART with Shockwave Therapy. I believe her extensive knowledge allows her to customize as-needed treatment plans that have better results than any one treatment option might. And I really appreciate how she shows things I can do to prevent re-injury and strengthen the problem area. We need more doctors like her!

Michael C.

Dr. Slota has enabled me to resume a level of activity I have not seen since I was in my twenties, even though I'm over fifty and have two artificial hips. Through her intelligent application of advanced techniques like Active Release Techniques (ART) and Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM), plus her early adoption and use of state-of-the-art treatments like Shockwave Therapy, she has gotten me back in the game and enjoying an active lifestyle I was afraid had passed me by. We’ve made huge gains in range of motion and pain-free movement. Dr. Slota truly does outstanding work, her insight into finding the cause of the problems and fixing it is unsurpassed. In addition to her analytic skills, Dr. Slota is very patient and does a great job explaining the cause of the problem, as well as how to remediate it on your own. I recommend Dr. Slota to anyone looking to heal those injuries, aches, and nagging pains that others have not been able to adequately treat.

Rich G.

I recommend the services of Dr. Karen Slota of Soft Tissue Solutions. After visits with an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Rheumatologist, a lower back ailment continued to be undiagnosed. Based on a recommendation, I arranged an appointment with Dr. Slota. Before the original visit was halfway complete, a diagnosis was presented by Dr. Slota that turned out to be 100% correct. After the second visit, significant improvement resulted and after the fourth and final visit, Dr. Slota recommended a program that gave me the comfort to enjoy continued improvement.

Larry O.

I'm 40 years old and have been a full time firefighter/medic for the last 7 years. Prior to that I sat at a computer for 7 years. Combining those with 25 years of lifting weights has caused some "issues" in my body. I was sick of hearing, don't lift heavy, don't do that, take this pill, blah, blah, blah, from pencil-neck doctors who couldn't care less about what I wanted to do. Long story short, I read about ART, looked up some practitioners, found out about Dr. Slota's powerlifting and bodybuilding experience and knew she was the one – and I was right. She spent over an hour with me on a head-to-toe movement screen and treatment on the first visit. She greatly reduced my chronic elbow pain of 15 years with one treatment! Dr. Slota is a true healer, who takes her profession very seriously. She treats the body as a whole, finds the cause of the problem, puts a plan together, and fixes it, unlike so many other doctors who just chase symptoms.

Craig S.

An aspiring long-distance runner with a stubborn streak, I just couldn't resist doing too much, too soon. So, when training for my next big race was jeopardized due to injury, I took the advice of my running friends and sought the help of the best ART professional available. Dr. Slota quickly became an invaluable training partner – treating my injuries, analyzing my form and weaknesses, and prescribing exercises to prevent future injury. Thanks to Dr. Slota, I was able to complete my first 100-mile ultramarathon and am looking forward to being stronger and faster in the season ahead.

Liz B.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 15 years, I'm truly amazed at the results Dr. Karen Slota is getting with the K-Laser. After working on thousands of patients and athletes from the youth level through Olympic and Pro levels, I have never seen any machine that gets such dramatic results. I had her use it on my chronic neck issue that was being very stubborn and we could not get the spasm reduced or motion restored. After just ONE treatment with the K-Laser and within an hour, I noticed the difference. By the end of the day I had an 80%+ reduction in spasms, pain and restored range of motion. I did NOT require another treatment, but I decided to have another two weeks later with even better results. It is my professional opinion that you give this a try and tell everyone you know that is needlessly suffering from almost any condition such as musculoskeletal injuries, osteoarthritis, nerve conditions, carpal tunnel, etc. This is truly outstanding and thank you Dr. Karen for being on the cutting edge to better serve your patients.

Dr. E.

I had tennis elbow diagnosed by my family physician. He recommended PT. I went and it ended up making me worse. I was going numb from my elbow to my hand. After my first ART treatment, the numbness was gone. Within 2 months, I was doing normal activities again. Now I am doing great, thanks to Dr. Slota.

Stephanie S.

I was in so much pain and I had been limping for quite some time. I was considering my last resort – surgery – until I had the laser treatment. After just one visit, I was relieved of pain that had plagued me for years and I cancelled my appointment with my surgeon! I'm now looking forward to a lifestyle of walking and hiking pain free!

Sandra H.

Having struggled with shoulder pain and weakness for several months, I first went to my doctor who prescribed physical therapy for what was deemed a strained rotator cuff. After three disappointing weeks, my shoulder was negligibly better. During the follow-up visit with my doctor, it was indicated that it may take months to return to full strength and an MRI was scheduled. Not impressed with the time frame in which results were being achieved and scared about the prospects of surgery, I began to seek out answers for myself. I read an article about ART and was immediately intrigued. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Slota. In one session, Dr. Slota provided far superior results than had the three weeks of PT and a total of eight weeks of shoulder non-use. I left Dr. Slota's office that day with zero pain and full strength in my shoulder. I couldn't help smile as I drove home while intermittently reaching behind my back to see if the shoulder pain was still there and it wasn't. Now I am back in the gym doing back, chest, and shoulder workouts that I had avoided for two months and I have Dr. Slota to thank for that.

Troy S.

My 16 year old daughter, Chelsea, has been swimming competitively since she was 5. At the age of 13, she suffered a shoulder injury which was diagnosed as inflammation of the rotator cuff. She stopped swimming for 4 months and did PT for 6 months. Her shoulder seemed better and she resumed swimming. When the pain returned the next year, an MRI was taken which showed no tear. Over the next two years, Chelsea stayed out of the water for four more months and repeated PT two more times for a total of 15 months. In addition, the orthopedic prescribed one dose of oral steroids and an injection with no noticeable improvement. Chelsea was taking Motrin every day to alleviate the pain that never subsided. She couldn't raise her arm more than a few inches and the pain was so excruciating that she missed days of school. It was suggested that she work with a trainer to strengthen the shoulder. The trainer recommended that she see Dr. Slota for ART therapy. Chelsea started ART therapy 3 times a week and the treatments have eliminated the pain and she has more mobility in that shoulder than she experienced with just PT. And the best part is she is still swimming competitively, placing in the top 16 in the 100m butterfly at the Division I Michigan High School meet in November 2006. Many thanks to Dr. Slota!!

Barbara W.

I have been suffering over 15 years from what was diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. My symptoms included numbness and pain in my right hand that would gradually move up my arm. My hand would also cramp up when I tried to write. I work long hours and the more writing and typing that I would do the worse the symptoms would become. There were times that I could only write if I was wearing a brace. The only therapies I had tried beside the brace were traditional chiropractic treatments. I followed the advice of PTs who told me to keep the wrist as straight as possible and to use the brace, but none of that helped. Once I tried ART, my wrist felt better right away and I was told to stop using the brace. I do my ART exercises and stretches everyday. Thanks Dr. Slota!

Linda Z.